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Monero Warns Users of Malware Ahead of Hard Fork

XMR users who downloaded binary files in the past 24 hours or so might have installed malware, Monero said via its official site getmonero.org. Users Notice Weird Binary Files Some of the CLI binary files that users downloaded from getmonero have been compromised, according to

Monero (XMR) susceptible To Developer Centralization, Dumps 7.6%

Monero (XMR) is down 7.6 percent week-to-date The privacy-centric network prone to developer centralization In their quest for complete decentralization, Monero, as a blockchain network, has suffered massive drops in hash rate. That follow several upgrades with the sole objective sidelining ASIC miners. Even so,

Seized Monero Up For Auction In UK First

An auction house in Northern Ireland is holding the UK’s first live online auction of seized cryptocurrency. The sale, of 167.69 monero coins will start at midday tomorrow (GMT). First Sale Through Private Auction House Wilsons Auctions, of Newtownabbey, have arranged the sale, which will