BCDiploma: the unique opportunity to take part in the blockchain data certification revolution

BCDiploma is presenting a breakthrough proposition by making the best of Ethereum to offer a world-beating one-click diploma and data certification service. BCDiploma is an innovative framework that allows to certify data and share it through a simple URL link.

 10 good reasons to contribute to the BCDiploma’s presale ICO and to not miss the 20% bonus

#1 Market fit for diploma authentication

Schools and universities face increasing degree falsification and forgery worldwide. All stakeholders in the education field are willing to offer their graduates an innovative digital tool aimed at defending their brand. HR professionals are also eager to have a reliable way to check a candidate’s diploma.

#2 A strong Token

BCDiploma’s token, BCDT, is the fuel of BCDiploma’s ecosystem. Entities, schools, universities and other BCDiploma partners will require tokens to use the service. For each and every certified data issuance, the BCDiploma smart contract will burn a percentage of BCDT tokens automatically.

#3 Expert team

Founders have 10+ years of experience in the education software market and know exactly what schools are expecting and how to meet their requirements.

#4 Schools / universities ready for adoption of a blockchain degree authentication service

Renowned schools and universities are following technological evolutions to avoid forgery and degree counterfeiting. We are aware of their concern, and have taken as our mission to bring a solution adapted to the issues they’re facing as fake certifications are strongly hurting their reputation and business.

#5 Data First technology

BCDiploma is not based on hash technology to authenticate the diploma. Instead, its innovative technology stores the the diploma’s data directly in the blockchain and certifies the school’s identity on Ethereum.

#6 Blockchain as a service

BCDiploma offers schools and universities a turnkey solution and a transparent access to blockchain technology. No specific blockchain knowledge is required to use the service.

#7 Forever available

BCDiploma’s DApps (blockchain specific decentralized applications) are open-source and the diploma content & data are stored on a public blockchain: therefore schools and universities are guaranteed to retain access to data and DApps forever.

#8 Open to anyone and cost-effective

Any entity can use the BCDiploma authentication service. The unit cost of each certification will be approximately $1.5, without a subscription or recurring fee. The service will be free for graduates and for anyone who consults the diploma, and will not require an ethereum address.

#9 Compliant with coming regulations

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will become enforceable by in May 25,  2018, is now the new reference text on personal data protection, and will become applicable globally. The innovative solution developed by BCDiploma is already compliant with this new regulation.

#10 It is just the beginning…

BCDiploma is the first use case of the EvidenZ framework, designed to certify all kinds of data: certificates of competence, diplomas, certificates, professional registers, administrative data. The fields of application are countless, and EvidenZ’s simplicity of use aims to set it as the standard of certified data.

In a nutshell, BCDiploma’s presale ICO is a unique opportunity to take part of the certified data bright future with a 20% bonus. Presale is running and will end on January, 18th.

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