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NEO, EOS, LTC, Monero and Lumens

An across the board recovery for altcoins prices and this is of course positive. Monero’s response in the midst of strong sell pressure remains today’s highlight. Even though we cannot really say this is a certified 100% buy, we ought to wait for further price

Could an Amazon Token Become a Viable Worldwide Cryptocurrency?

Combining the benefits of a utility-based cryptocurrency and a company that exhibits the characteristics of a power law network creates the perfect opportunity for a globally adopted cryptocurrency –– the Amazon Token. Amazon’s Full-Circle Economy In this hypothetical futuristic scenario, Amazon extends on the suite

Scandinavian Bitcoin Dealer Struggles to Find Banking Partners

One of Northern Europe’s largest Bitcoin dealers is finding the lack of regulation surrounding cryptocurrency a hindrance to their business model. Prasos Oy has systematically burned through all but one of their Finnish bank accounts. Last Chance Saloon The banks that have closed their doors

Was Mt. Gox the Major Factor Behind Bitcoin’s $1,000 Drop

More frustrating news out of Japan. Just a day after FSA regulators stymied exchanges the ghost of Mt. Gox appears again, this time as a possible cause for the Bitcoin market drop from Dec. 2017. Trustee Sales Linked to Bitcoin Price Drops Information that Mt. Gox