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Q&A With Nate Zou, Co-Founder of ALZA

ALZA is an off-chain technology designed to make micropayments involving cryptocurrencies better, and that’s their official line. So, NewsBTC Group caught up with Nate Zou, one of the co-founders at ALBA to find out more. Here are few questions and responses that gives us a

Vote Threshold Is Met: EOS Can Finally Launch Its Platform

According to data from EOS Authority, EOS has finally acquired the minimum votes required for its network to go live. After EOS failed to launch its platform on its projected launch date of June 2, a live-stream vote was called, where users voted “Go” to

New Coinbase Additions: Ethereum Classic and Crypto Index Fund

Coinbase dominated headlines across the space this week with a pair of significant developments. The San Francisco–based exchange announced on Monday, June 11, its intention to add Ethereum Classic to its trading platform and then quickly followed the news on Tuesday with the official opening