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Big Banks Not Happy to Cover ‘Risks’ of Bitcoin Futures

In the next two weeks, the CBOE and CME will blaze the trail for institutional investors with the launch of Bitcoin futures trading on the markets. It’s difficult to predict what will happen when the short-selling bears enter the market, but it seems as though

How DDOS Attacks Affect Bitcoin Exchanges

As if the massive influx of users wasn’t enough to deal with, cryptocurrency exchanges have to deal with the constant threat of DDoS attacks. As Bitcoin price continues to soar, hitting a new high $12,000, people are clamoring to get their hands on the lucrative

CryptoKitties Creates Massive Backlog on the Ethereum Network

Matthew Hrones · December 5, 2017 · 9:00 pm The new decentralized game CryptoKitties launched last week, with the purpose of the game to collect, bred, and trade electronic cats. Due to the game’s unbelievable popularity, the Ethereum network has been seeing record rates of